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Tuesday, 03 June 2014 10:19

Juliet's house the most known attraction in Verona

Who doesn't know the story of the greatest lovers in the world, Romeo and Juliet told in one of Shakespeare's masterpiece? A play which narrates the simplicity of Juliet's character being essentially women, with her passion as a state of being which embodies the very essence of love and the pulse of her heart, "blending with very atom of her frame".

Verona is alleged to be the location of Romeo and Juliet's romantic scene on the balcony, their tragic love, made it famous in the world. Juliet's House which attracts hundred of thousands tourists from all around the world and it is considered the second symbol of one of the most beauty and elegant city in Italy.

But what about the truth of these characters in Shakespeare's play?
We don't know if the characters had really existed although the Capuleti family mentioned in Shakespeare's play resembles the name of the Capello family which bought the house in 1905. The similarities with the Capuleti family (as called in the famous opera) generate a kind of identification but there aren't evident proofs that the characters really lived there in the past.

Maybe they were only figments of Shakespeare's imagination. Also beacuse from an historical point of view when the play was written by the great master the architecture of the house in Verona (now identified with Juliet's house) it wasn't conform with the real one.

Indeed the problem is that although the house belongs to the 13th century the balcony was added only in the 20th century in 1936.
What we know for sure that Verona is considered now as one of the most romantic place in the world as being representative of the concept of powerful love embodied in the intense and passionate love story between Romeo and Juliet.

Juliet's House

Visiting for the first time Juliets' House can be really striking, from the courtyard of the house you can see the famous balcony, and under it a lot of couples from all around the world swear eternal love imitating the deep and intense love told by Shakespeare.

According to the tradition if you leave your declaration of love at Juliet's House your love will be forever. Indeed the walls of the tunnel approaching Juliet's house are full of love letters and here you can leave as well your declaration of love. It is also said that if you touch the right breast of Juliet's bronze statue made by Nereo Constantini, situated in the courtyard, it will bring you luck in finding your true love.

Lately in 2010 it was dedicated a movie to Juliet's House, "Letters to Juliet" an American romantic drama directed by Gary Winick which records the phenomenon of letter writing to Shakespeare's most famous romantic heroine. After that it become a tradition to leave your love letters on the wall of the house so as to have good luck in love.

The interior of the house

In spite of the interesting love story based on the fictional characters linked to the house, you can appreciate the stunning Gothic style of the architecture and visit the interior in which you can see a lot of things connected with Shakespeare's paly and also the films based on it.

In the halls and rooms you can find a lot of exhibits, pictures, photos, costumes related to the tragic shakespearean love, and other objects which gives you the chance of making an idea about the life in the ancient Verona.

Although it's representative of a fictional or true love, every year a lot of tourists are attracted by the eblematic Juliet's House in Verona, one of the most romantic place in the world.

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