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Tuesday, 28 October 2014 01:00

Gallery of Modern Art in Verona, a century of masterpieces

The Palazzo della Ragione is one of the main attractions in Verona, because it has hosted several political and administrative institutions in the past and now is a multi-purpose exhibition space and is the venue of the Gallery of Modern Art since last spring.

We suggest visiting it especially if it's your first time in the city.

The piano nobile (noble floor) of the palace has 4 large halls where are hosted 150 works, including paintings and sculptures, all dated back between 1840 and 1940, 100 years of art history to explore with the protagonists of the major artistic movements of the time.

Verona during XIX century and the new turmoil of the XX century

The tour begins outside as the Palazzo della Ragione, which dates back to the XII century and is carefully restored, boasts a Romanesque architectural style alternating stripes of tuff and brick, a sort of castle that has maintained an austere appearance over the centuries.

The name Palazzo della Ragione was used in all the cities that were administered by the Republic of Venice and referred to the courts.

Today, instead of being the seat of justice, is one of the places where art is guarded as a treasure and we seize this opportunity to point out some very representative artworks hosted at GAM: the sculpture Achille ferito by Innocenzo Fraccarolo, the bronze of Dante by Ugo Zannoni, the images of the XIX century photographic study Moritz Lotze, rare snapshots of the Verona surroundings, the realist paintings of Angelo Dall’Oca Bianca as Foglie cadenti, the famous masterpieces by Gino Severini, Nature morte, and Giorgio Morandi, Bagnanti, among the best examples of the avant-garde of the early XX century.

The Gallery of Modern Art Achille Forti succeeds in the mission of enhance a prestigious artistic heritage, due to a location which is the result of architects talent who have bestowed on Verona a face with fascinating features disclosed to most inquiring travelers and art lovers. For opening times and other information, visit the Palazzo della Ragione website:

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