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Monday, 15 September 2014 01:00

Scaliger Tombs special opening until the end of September

If you've been to Verona at least once, probably you already know that the Scaliger Tombs are one of the most representative monuments of Gothic art, but if you're going to visit Verona for the first time remember to add this stop to your itinerary, because until the end of September the Arche scaligere will be open to the public thanks to the volunteers of Legambiente Verona.

This tomb has an amazing visual impact and is a key part of the medieval history of the town, because here lie the remains of the ancient lords of Verona, the Della Scala family. The tomb is protected by a wrought iron enclosure bearing the heraldic symbol of a stair and hosts the tombs (called arche) designed by different sculptors and therefore very diverse stylistically.

By visiting this site you will notice that the tomb of Mastino I is finely decorated with figures and is located along the wall of the church of Santa Maria Antica, the tomb of Alberto I resumed the motifs of the Mastino's tomb, while simpler ones belong to Bartolomeo I, Cangrande II and Bartolomeo II della Scala.

The most impressive is the arca of Cangrande, the details of which describe the authority of this Lord of Verona, pictured smiling and wearing curia robes. On top of the tomb there is a copy of the equestrian statue of Cangrande (the original can be seen at the Castelvecchio Museum), considered by historians as the most beautiful of the XIV century. The Church of Santa Maria Antica is also worth a visit, this is the first private chapel of the Scaliger family, who has written memorable pages in the history of Verona.

The opening hours of the Arche are from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm every day except on Mondays. The cost of ticket is € 1.

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