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Monday, 19 January 2015 14:52

Guided tours in Verona on Sundays

Many tourists want to visit the town with the help of a skilled guide, because Verona is full of famous monuments but at the same time has many attractions lesser known by Veronese people.

Our aim is to give everyone the chance to explore Verona and enjoy each side of the town thanks to the tours organized by the Guide Center Verona, which offers theme-based routes and special events such as “Verona on Sundays”.

If you are on vacation here for a weekend or you live in Verona and you feel like tourists discovering something new about places that you have already seen, join one of the tour in the coming weeks: on 25th January there will be "The pillars of Verona ", entirely focused on the Cathedral, starting at 3:00 pm at the entrance of Duomo, an evocative story of the Cathedral origins and of its masterpieces.

On 1st February, the visit will cover two churches of the Veronetta district, Santo Stefano and San Tomaso, it will begin at 4:00 pm at the entrance of the Santo Stefano church and will last 90 minutes; on 8th February the tour will be dedicated to the Adige, the river running through the town and is a pretext to talk about the trades of the past, the craftsmanship as one of the main attractions of this territory.

The meeting point is at 3:00 pm at the Ponte Scaligero (Arsenale side), where will begin a route through the bends of the river, from past to present.

On 15th February you can follow "The two lovers of Verona", or Romeo and Juliet, the monuments of Verona told with Shakespeare's words on the occasion of Valentine's Day, a tour recommended to all lovers of the timeless beauty of art.

Finally, on 22 February, the guided tour will be devoted to the Gallery of Modern Art and other historic sites such as Torre dei Lamberti: here a skilled guide will explain which the most prestigious palaces in the town are and which artworks are most representative of its style. For booking info (the reservation of these guided tours isn't required) you can check the website of Guide Center Verona, this place will reveal itself in all its uniqueness.

The bookings of all tours are not mandatory, check out the site to get all the necessary information about each event, the city of Verona will be revealed to your eyes in all its uniqueness.

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