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Tuesday, 21 October 2014 01:00

Nature trail to Bolca at Lessini Mountains

Verona's surroundings are rich of opportunities for tourists who want to join nature trails, learn more about the local traditions and visit the places that represent the authenticity of Veneto region.

This time we suggest an itinerary to Bolca, part of the municipality of Vestenavona, located at Lessini Mountains; the village lies in the Val d'Alpone, crossed by the Alpone river and famous for fossil deposits, the production of cherries and the wine Soave Classico.

Bolca is one of the oldest places in the region and due to the climatic conditions (temperatures are mild in both summer and winter) and morphological peculiarities (the land on which the village stands is volcanic) has become a popular place for growing high quality potato, available in 4 different varieties.

Here the gastronomical excellences go hand in hand with the extraordinary archaeological finds and with the uniqueness of the landscape, a palette of colors that changes with the seasons and that will leave you agape.

The most famous attraction of Bolca is the Fossil Museum, which houses artifacts dating back to the Tertiary geological period and found in different parts of the land, an area that is an amazing paleontological park. The excavation and finding of fossils from the quarries of Bolca began 500 years ago and most valuable discoveries in the last century are due to the Cerato family.

Now a house-museum celebrates the importance of Cerato work with an interesting exhibition.

From Verona you can go to Bolca, located on the border with the province of Vicenza, by coach (the bus lines are San Bonifacio and Vestenanova-Bolca); the distance from the town is 45 km.

One of most beautiful nature trails includes a visit to the springs of Alpone, the old ice-house "Feo" and Mount Pergo, guided tours can be booked by calling the Pro Loco of Bolca at 346 5446353.

In the restaurants of Bolca you’ll find many typical dishes: we recommend Lessinia cheeses, cold cuts, chestnuts, honey, potatoes, cherries and of course wine, the Soave (produced in the lower part of the Val d'Alpone), and the Durello (produced in the area up the hill, towards the valley of Chiampo).

Choose a journey into prehistory in the province of Verona, you'll discover an unrivalled place!

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