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Monday, 29 September 2014 01:00

Discovering Underground Verona with guided tours

There are many ways to explore Verona: the town kept over the centuries the signs of different civilizations but often aren't visible, so we recommend a guided tour to the underground, where remained many finds from the Roman age and Middle Age.

Usually we are used to see the archaeological remains in museums, but Verona offers another perspective; many archaeological finds are now accessible thanks to innovative architectural platforms that allow everyone to visit them in complete safety. Before contacting the Verona Guide Association, which provides guided tours to all underground relics, we give you our suggestions about the most important monuments located in the depths of the town.

Domus at Piazza Nogara

Today, over this house dated back to the Roman age there is a bank, but the Domus is accessible via a walkway and you can see the remains of a mosaic, the impluvium (the basin used to accumulate water) and the columns of the colonnade.

Capitolium of Verona

The Capitolium was the temple where the Romans worshiped the gods Jupiter, Juno and Era now is accessible from a palace overlooking Piazza delle Erbe and is placed 9 meters underground. You can see the remains of the porch groundwork, a few columns and a white marble pedestal.

Scaligeri excavations

The large exhibition area located 4 meters below the street level is the International Center of Photography Scaligeri excavations, the venue that hosts the finds dating from I century BC to buildings of the V and VI centuries A.D. which testify the great architectural change of Verona happened after the Roman age.

You'll be speechless watching a completely preserved paved road with its sidewalk, a truly unique attraction. Corte Sgarzerie The excavation of Corte Sgarzerie is open to the public since last January and consists of some finds of the left cryptoporticus of the Capitolium complex, in other words a covered corridor under the platform of the temple; today remained a part of the pillars and arches, a pedestrian street from Roman age, one tower and another building that date back to the Middle Age.

Underground Verona sites are a lesser known than the Arena and the palaces of the historic center, yet there is preserved the more imposing face of the city which over 2000 years has integrated many styles, rituals and traditions. More information are available at this link:

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