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Tuesday, 15 July 2014 01:00

Visit nearby Verona

There are plenty of opportunities to visit the surrounding areas of Verona. Nearby the city there are a lot of attractive places to keep everyone amused such as Monte baldo and the area of Bardolino, Valpolicella, Soave the main wine producing areas which really deserve to be visited.


Soave is located in the eastern province of Verona the medieval town, the ideal place for the cultivation and production od Soave wine, considered as one of the best Veronese wine. In addition to the production of high quality wine Soave is also renowned for its attractions such as castles, ancient belltower and churches. A picturesque town where history and gastronomic tradition melt together.

Soave was a city which was dominated and fortified by the Scaligery noble family of Verona. here you can visit the chirch of San Bonifacio belonging to the 18th century and the church of San Lorenzo, Palazzo Cavalli with its gothic-venetian style, and the amazing Palzzo di Giustizia and Palazzo Scaligero.

Nearby the town you can walk along the panoramic road towards Colognola ai Colli.


The location is renowened all over the world for being the land of red wines thanks its vineyards and the production of high quality wine. As such it represents the historic heart of the traditional wines such as Recioto and Amarone in the past enjoyed by romans which became more prestigious with the passing of time. You can visit Valpolicella winery and enjoy a wine tasting of the local reds.

There are also a lot of inns, restaurants and taverns where you can enjoy the local gastronomic traditions which offers local dishes all accompanied with a high qquality glass of the prestigious Amarone or Recioto wine. Here you can appreciate the local tradition with its natural , historic and artistic resources. You should not visit the natural and archeological site of Ponte di Veja which is one of the greatest natural bridge in Europe, the amazing waterfalls of Molina, the fort of Ceraino, and the medieval caves of Prun. You can also visit the old chirch of San Giorgio and the museum.

Villafranca di Verona

Here there are a lot of attractions such as a great amount of ancient square towers. You can vivit the main tower the so called Mastio and the resistance museum on the weekends and the Museum Nicolis an exclusive show of classic car, bicycle and motorbike collection.

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