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Wednesday, 10 December 2014 11:07

Tina Modotti pictures exhibition in Verona

The retrospective about the famous photographer Tina Modotti is an opportunity to think about changes happened in photography in the last years, because her work is an example of a photograph "without distortion or manipulation" (as defined by Modotti) which is still a model for those who deals with describing reality through images.

Verona hosts an exhibition that traces the entire Modotti career from the first shots in Mexico until the last photos taken in Berlin, her works lesser known up to now. It is interesting to join this kind of event in the digital age, as one of the peculiarities of this photographer was to enhance the emotional side of their works, from the still life of the beginnings to the most famous portraits of the Mexican Revolution protagonists.

The retrospective opened on 29th November and will be open until 8th March 2015 at the International Center of Photography Scavi Scaligeri at Piazza Viviani. The privilege offered by this exhibition is to be able to uncover the connection between the human story of Modotti and her artistic career, aiming to evolve in many shapes, since the Modotti was also an actress of theater and cinema.

Thanks to the organizers (Cinemazero and the curator Riccardo Costantini) we can know more about one of the most famous women photographers in the world, born in Friuli in 1896 and emigrated before to the United States then in Mexico, a landmark for those look at the photograph as a chance to describe reality and recall strong feelings without resorting to any trick.

Visit the website of the Center

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