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Tuesday, 25 November 2014 01:00

The Fair of Bollito con la Pearà, Veronese traditional dish

What is Pearà? If you've never heard of it, don't worry, as soon as you'll taste this delicious dish of the Veronese tradition the mystery will be revealed.

It is a very nutritious sauce, especially in winter, whose origins date back to the VI century when Longobards ruled this part of Italy.

We suggest to join the Fair of Bollito con la Pearà, scheduled from 13th to 30th November at Isola della Scala, an event dedicated to this and other typical dishes like tortellini soup or tagliatelle with chicken livers, served on ceramic plates.

Why taste Pearà?


The ingredients are basic: beef marrow, extra virgin olive oil, stale bread, broth, salt and pepper; yet the so-called "poor"dishes are often the most delicious and tasty. In addition to the Fair you can eat boiled with Pearà at trattoria and restaurants in Verona which offering traditional menus.

The original recipe has changed over the years with some significant changes but the pepper sauce called Pearà remains a classic of Veneto cuisine. According to the legend, the cook of the Lombard king Alboino devised the Pearà: Alboino killed King Cunimondo and made a cup with his skull, then married the daughter of the king Rosamund and tried to get her to drink right from that chalice. Rosamund, overcome by despair, stopped eating and it was then that the cook invented the sauce Pearà, to heal Rosamund with a nutritious meal.

Today, this sauce is an important link with the past and a common element in very different menus. If you've never been to Verona and you're planning a trip in the coming weeks, be sure to eat this delicacy.

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