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Friday, 05 September 2014 15:08

Tocatì, the international festival of street games in Verona

The traditional games are a part of the history of a place and we should remember more often than the playful dimension is, for a child, the space for meeting and socializing with other people.

It is important to continue to play even as an adult, to have fun and to test themselves, without giving too much importance to victory, because the traditional game stands for involvement, participation, sharing and joy, as you will see at the Tocatì festival.

Tocatì means "it's your turn" and is the most important international event dedicated to street games, now almost unknown but still played throughout the world. The festival, came to 12th edition, is held in the historic center of Verona from 18th to 21st September and includes 40 games, a guest country (Mexico, presenting games dating back to Pre-Columbian age), parades, concerts, local food tastings and forum dedicated to play culture, a series of events that will enliven the streets of the town for 4 days.

What to do at Tocatì

It is useful to know that you don't need to register to play for free one of the 40 games available, you have to get close to game areas and start to play, discovering the rules of lesser known games as the balero, the game of walnuts, celebrating the classics such as foosball and the peashooters, or play the board games such as backgammon, dama and chess.

Don't miss the parade of Mexican music and dance on Friday 19th at 6:00 pm from Piazza Erbe to Piazza Sant'Anastasia, a joyful contamination between the Latin American tradition and Veronese history. The party continues at 9:30 pm at Porta Borsari, where the folklore dance group Tamzarà with its repertoire of mazurkas, jigs, square dances and waltzes, dance styles which has always been popular in Veneto.

However, if you are interested in getting closer to the people of Verona, the event To Casa (on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st) allows you to enter in the houses of those who chose to show a part of their daily life, as a sign of hospitality and friendliness, essential ingredients of a dreamy stay in Verona.

If you like illustration and drawing I advise you to visit the exhibition I sogni del serpente piumato – fiabe e libri illustrati dal Messico (Dreams of a plumed serpent - fairy tales and picture books from Mexico), at Palazzo Forti, a path between the images and the works of Gabriel Pacheco, illustrator guest of Tocatì.

Now it's your turn to discover the games that century after century involve and entertain people of all ages, the Tocatì awaits you and invites you to join in the celebration of the street games surrounded by the magical set of Verona.

Official website of Tocatì:

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