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Tuesday, 17 June 2014 01:00

Verona goes back to 1300

A holiday in the historic city of Verona can offer more than sightseeing. For its unrivalled artistic and historical heritage, today displayed opera houses, theatres and outdoor festivals. It also hosts historical pageants, medieval-style tournaments,bizarre traditional spectacles. There's something for everyone, whether you want to visit something special during your holiday, or you would like to attend a special event.
The historic city of Verona hosts a great amount of traditional local festivals and a full vibrant calendar of summer events I recommend.
One of the most important traditional local festival in the city is related to the emblematic character of Cangrande della Scala who was an italian nobleman the most celebrated of della Scala family and well known as the leading patron of Dante Alighieri and acclaimed as a warrior.

Traditional local festival

For its fourth years, one after the others on the 8th of June Verona hosts a great event, the historical commemoration fictionalized of the "Nozze di Cangrande della Scala" with Giovanna di Svevia, the princess of the Antiochia.

The historical commemoration starts with a traditional pageants from Castelvecchio, proceeding through via Roma, Piazza Brà, piazza Erbe and ending at Piazza dei Signori. In spite of their horses and horsemen in a typical costume dress and dancer of old time, representative of the Corteo Storico Fiorentino too will take part to the pageants, with their flag wavers (the traditional sbandieratori) and their statues of the Virgin Mary.

These came and gather to Verona at first to thank the "Scaligeri" family for having hosted Dante Alighieri during his exile from Florence. The city flourished under the Scaligeri family, patrons of the arts which built gothic tombs, the so called Arche Scaligere, located just off Piazza dei Signori.
To honour the most great italian poet Dante Alighieri who spent most of his life in Verona during his exile from Florence it was placed a statue in Piazza dei Signori, one of the most famous in Verona hostoric centre.

The decison to place the statute in Piazza dei Signori was an occasion to claim the italian origin of Verona.
At the historical pageant there will be the representation of the marriage of Cangrande della Scala, with the participation of medieval flags, dances, horses and horsemen, armed men all dresse din the typical dress and past music related to the great tradition of the city.

The main events in Piazza dei Signori

The traditional historical pageants goes through via Roma and will end in Piazza Brà for an exhibition of the "Sbandieratori" flag weavers (this man dressed in an old typical dress and doing perfomances with their flag). Than the parade will proceed through Piazza Erbe until Piazza dei signori where there will be the final ceremony.
Here the main steps that will follow the historical pageants.

At first the Corte Scaligera will wait for the arrival of the Cangrande. When he arrives on horseback the court wait for the arrival of the Princess on a sedan chair.
After they both arrives a presentation was held in the court.

The falling in love of Cangrande impeed to the German guards to bring back with him the princess. Later it will take place the duel with the guards where the man of Cangrande saw their triumph and victory. It follows the ceremony of the bridal, the final feast and the last departure of Cangrande and Giovanna on a horseback.

The role of Bartolomeo, Costanza, Cangrande and Giovanna have been committed to the four dancers of the Group "Capriccioso Armonico" of Scarperia del Mugello. The whole event is told by a narrator. Do not miss one of the most famous traditional local festival in Verona you will have the opportunity to revisit the past of the city.

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