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Discover rufioi, a traditional sweet to taste in Costeggiola

The gastronomical specialties, as we know, are an important section of the history of a land, so today we tell you the origins of rufioi, typical tortelli from Soave cooked by the farmers, who were used to prepare dishes with a small amount of food.

Originally these tortelli were made with leftovers of meat and vegetables cooked in broth, later became pastries filled with cedar, pine nuts, amaretto and grappa. One century ago was born the tradition of celebrating St. Anthony Abbot, protector of animals, with a festival dedicated to the rufioi in Costeggiola di Soave, in province of Verona.

This festival came to its 101st edition, and we suggest a stop at Costeggiola if you stay in Verona at this time, since the event is scheduled from 16th to 18th January: food and wine stalls will be set up in the center of the town.

Get to Costeggiola is easy: it is located a few kilometers from Verona and is a fraction of Soave, a village famous for its Scaliger castle which we have chosen as the cover photo for this article, while the homeland of rufioi (also known as rufioli) derives its name from its geographical position, on the slope of hills near Soave.

The typical sweet ravioli has the shape of a rising sun and is made of a sheet of smooth pasta filled with numerous ingredients, including amaretti, citrons, almonds and liquor, which can be rum or grappa. Rufioi are perfectly paired with Recioto di Soave DOCG wine, that you can taste in the osteria during the three days of the festival at Costeggiola; there will be concerts and shows that will enliven the evenings, furthermore the event will be sealed by the awarding of the best homemade rufiolo, a competition that every year involves a large number of participants.

Savor this sweet is a way to get closer to the heart of Verona, full of delicious flavors and ancient traditions.

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